7 Billion and Counting

I designed this poster for a local political poster competition to highlight what I percieve as the single greatest threat to humanity's welfare: Forget wars and murder, forget the much-condemned "human greed", forget all conceptions of good and evil: At the end of the day, the…    » Read more

ranwhen – Visualize when your system was running

ranwhen [https://github.com/p-e-w/ranwhen] is a Python script that graphically shows in your terminal when your system was running in the past. Have a look: Requirements * *nix system with last(1) [http://linux.die.net/man/1/last] installed and supporting the -R and -F flags * Python >…    » Read more

Final Term – a modern terminal emulator

Final Term [https://github.com/p-e-w/finalterm] is a new breed of terminal emulator. It goes beyond mere emulation and understands what is happening inside the shell it is hosting. This allows it to offer features no other terminal can: Semantic text menus Final Term knows which pieces of terminal…    » Read more

Personal calendar reform

Version 0.0.5 [http://semver.org/], last modified 6-Ples-2012 (November 17th, 2012) > Note: This is not a calendar application, a calendar library, a calendar API, a calendar in "the cloud", a calendar template, or anything else directly related to computer technology for that matter. This is…    » Read more