An elementary trapdoor function

Because of their connections with public-key cryptography, trapdoor functions are surrounded by a lot of mystery. While one-way functions (functions that are easy to compute, yet hard to invert) like integer multiplication are familiar and intuitive, the idea of a function that is hard to invert except if one possesses…    » Read more

JavaScript semantic highlighting package for Atom

This package enables semantic highlighting for JavaScript code in the Atom editor. Identifiers are highlighted in different colors (the same identifier always in the same color) while everything else (like language keywords) is displayed in various shades of gray. This approach runs contrary to classical ideas about syntax highlighting but…    » Read more

Make Sublime Text use the dark GTK+ theme variant

This Sublime Text 2/3 plugin sets the dark theme variant for Sublime's windows on GTK+ 3-based systems that support it, such as recent GNOME distributions. The result is a much more beautiful Sublime when using dark UI themes because the distracting contrast between title bar and chrome is eliminated.…    » Read more