The Sequencer OEIS survey

The previously introduced software Sequencer identifies number sequences algorithmically. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) is by far the largest collection of curated number sequences available today. It therefore seems natural to employ Sequencer in a quest to uncover patterns that have been previously overlooked, by virtue of sheer…    » Read more

An elementary trapdoor function

Because of their connections with public-key cryptography, trapdoor functions are surrounded by a lot of mystery. While one-way functions (functions that are easy to compute, yet hard to invert) like integer multiplication are familiar and intuitive, the idea of a function that is hard to invert except if one possesses…    » Read more

Personal calendar reform

Version 0.0.5, last modified 6-Ples-2012 (November 17th, 2012) Note: This is not a calendar application, a calendar library, a calendar API, a calendar in "the cloud", a calendar template, or anything else directly related to computer technology for that matter. This is a calendar, a system…    » Read more