krill – The hacker's way of keeping up with the world

Krill [] are filter feeders []. True to its namesake, krill [] filters feeds. It is not picky about its diet, and will happily consume RSS, Atom, CDF and even Twitter feeds (no credentials required!…    » Read more

A GUI file picker for bash in six lines of code

> Note: To make this work, your system needs three things: * Bash 4+ * Python (with python defaulting to Python 2) * Tkinter [] The first two are fulfilled out of the box on most modern Linux distributions, the last two are default in OS X. Therefore,…    » Read more

Finally terminated

Two years after its original introduction [], and following a year-long period of mostly stagnant development, I am officially discontinuing work on the Final Term project today. In its relatively short lifetime, Final Term has drawn its share of attention. On GitHub, it is more popular than…    » Read more

How to fix democracy

A modest proposal. The idea is probably not new, but I find it very sensible indeed. Surely some basic knowledge about candidates can be expected from someone who wants to participate in deciding the political fate of a society! Yes, this may prevent some people from being able to cast…    » Read more

The Sequencer OEIS survey

The previously introduced software Sequencer [] identifies number sequences algorithmically. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) [] is by far the largest collection of curated number sequences available today. It therefore seems natural to employ Sequencer in a quest to uncover patterns that have…    » Read more