krill – The hacker's way of keeping up with the world

Krill [] are filter feeders []. True to its namesake, krill [] filters feeds. It is not picky about its diet, and will happily consume RSS, Atom, CDF and even Twitter feeds (no credentials required!…    » Read more

Make Sublime Text use the dark GTK+ theme variant

This Sublime Text 2/3 plugin [] sets the dark theme variant [] for Sublime's windows on GTK+ 3-based systems that support it, such as recent GNOME distributions. The result is a much more beautiful…    » Read more

ranwhen – Visualize when your system was running

ranwhen [] is a Python script that graphically shows in your terminal when your system was running in the past. Have a look: Requirements * *nix system with last(1) [] installed and supporting the -R and -F flags * Python >…    » Read more