krill – The hacker's way of keeping up with the world

Krill are filter feeders. True to its namesake, krill filters feeds. It is not picky about its diet, and will happily consume RSS, Atom, CDF and even Twitter feeds (no credentials required!). It aggregates feed items from all sources you specify, filters out those that interest you, and displays them…    » Read more

Make Sublime Text use the dark GTK+ theme variant

This Sublime Text 2/3 plugin sets the dark theme variant for Sublime's windows on GTK+ 3-based systems that support it, such as recent GNOME distributions. The result is a much more beautiful Sublime when using dark UI themes because the distracting contrast between title bar and chrome is eliminated.…    » Read more

ranwhen – Visualize when your system was running

ranwhen is a Python script that graphically shows in your terminal when your system was running in the past. Have a look: Requirements *nix system with last(1) installed and supporting the -R and -F flags Python >= 3.2 Terminal emulator with support for Unicode and xterm's 256 color…    » Read more